How To Get Talktime Loan in Airtel

How To Get Talktime Loan in Airtel

Airtel users can get Talktime loan if their balance is lower than 5 rs. There are two ways to get the instant loan on Airtel using USSD loan code or loan via call. Both ways you get the loan without any extra charges so let’s check both methods written below to recharge your Airtel number.



Dial *141*10# it is Airtel loan number.


Now chose the loan option and follow their instruction you will get 10rs loan.

Another way is just call to 52141 and follow their instruction to get Talktime loan in Airtel number. Airtel made it so simple to get an instant loan without any hassle they even message you when your balance is low and suggest you get Talktime loan.

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