Yesterday Gokulastami celebration in Tamil Nadu  


It might be just another festival when elder in the family want to take you to temple, but not all that you can do to celebrate Janmashtami including plays, art exhibition & music recitals to make this day memorable.

This must be our 25th performance; the play will narrate the life of Krishna from his birth & present iconic moments such as putna vadh & kalia naag vadh on stage.

It will be a representation of Maha Raas & emotional phase when Krishna leaves Mathura; the play will explore the relationship between Krishna & Karna. Who love classical music can celebrate the birth of god Sri Krishna with a vocal recital; it will fall in love with sri Krishna. Mira’s kathak is another view to celebrate janmashtami through express classical dance.

Where programs are delicious way to celebrate such as music, bhajans by using stringed instruments.

Different Sri Krishnan arts with power images selection of colors. The artist express the charming personality & captivating force of Krishna.





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