Sambhaji Bhide !!! The Man !! The Miracle !! The Messiah !!!

Sambhaji Bhide !!! The Man !! The Miracle !! The Messiah !!!

I was just browsing through the biography of Sambhaji Bhide floating around the

social media and I was absolutely astounded by what I read.

I must say this man is a gem !!!

He is a Gold Medalist in Atomic Physics !!! Entire Atomic Physics, I assure you.

He is a Former Professor at Fergusson College, Pune, where I am pretty sure he

taught the Principal too.

He has around 100 awards … Not sure which ones but definitely not Filmfare Awards….

and he has not returned a single one of them as yet.

He has guided 67 Doctoral and Post Doctoral Researchers, though I am not sure if he

has been instrumental in designing the Bridge course for Bal Doctors in Gujarat.

He was on the Advisory Board of …… wait for it !!!! NASA and Pentagon !!!

Shattap !!! Don’t laugh. He was also on the Advisory Board of FBI, CBI, CIA, NSA,

UNICEF, WHO and was a founder member of UNESCO.

And forget about these tuccha videshi organizations !!!

Sambhaji Bhide is the only person who can order Modi Ji around. Modi ji has himself

confirmed that he had gone to Sangli to meet Mr. Bhide not on an invite but because

Bhide had ordered Modi to come there.

Now you understand the greatness of Bhide who can order Modi around, “Idhar

Jaa…..Udhar Jaaa” and Modi doesn’t have a choice but to listen. NO CHOICE !!!

And that’s not all !!!

Sambhaji Bhide never wears chappals and always moves around barefoot.

In fact, even Neil Armstrong had asked Sambhaji Bhide to wear shoes during the Moon

landing, but he flatly refused and went barefoot.

M F Hussain tried to copy his fashion style and that’s why he was kicked out of

India …. because “Ek myaan mein do talware nahi reh sakti“. We can have only one

Barefoot King.

Such a great man !!! Such a grrreeaaatttt man !!!

I wonder if Sambhaji Bhide was named Sambhaji after the Great Maratha King Sambhaji,

or was it the other way around.

But, its such a pity, that such talent is wasted in India. You would have thought a

person of this caliber would be leading the Baba Atomic Research Center or ISRO or

something like that?? But NO !!!! He has been relegated to sitting in Sangli doing

research on 200-year-old British Colonial wars against the Peshwas.

All this is because of Congress !!! Congress didn’t recognize his talents.

And I bet Rahul Gandhi stole his chappals, that’s why he doesn’t wear them !! Rahul

Gandhi should be sent back to Italy for this “sole” reason.

Disclaimer: No evidence has been found of any co-relation between Sambhaji Bhide and

Sambhaji Bidi …. but then again no evidence was found about anything else claimed






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