Robot Technology






A robot is electromechanical machine that is formed by programs and circuits

Robots like industrial, medical operating, patent assist and nano robots. A robot can covey a thought its own.

The robot technology that deals design, construction, operation and  application. As well as used for dangerous environment replace for humans .

They can along with work human endangering. Quickly complete the endangered work as easily.

Applicational Types of robots

Industrial robots

Medical robots

House robots

Service robots

Space robots

Entertainment robots

Competition robots

Military robots

Kinematic type of robots

Stationary robots

Wheeled  robots

Legged robots

Swimming robots

Flying robots






Buy & Sell


Classifieds incover all over india, it is one of the buying/ selling technique. It provide price, Specification of any items such as Home appliances, kitchenwares, electronic appliances, Mobile Gadgets, Automobiles, etc.


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