Kavuni Arisi-1 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup (according to taste)
Ghee-1 table spoon
Grated coconut-2 tablespoon
Cardomom-4 or 5

This rice is little difficult to get cooked. So soak the rice for 3 to 4 hours before preparing.

Pressure cook the rice adding 3 cups of water in medium fire for 10 to 12 minutes.

The rice should be cooked very soft till the white pulp in the red outer shell of the rice comes out. After opening the cooker if you find it not properly cooked, Cook for some more time.

Try to smash the rice with a ladle when the heat is there. If there is excess water, strain it. After smashing, add the sugar checking for the taste in between. Powder the cardamom with a teaspoon of sugar.

Add that along with the ghee and mix well. The sweet is ready.

If you find the rice you are using needs more water to cook, add more next time and vice versa





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