Information Technology






It is the application of computer to store, transfer, manipulate the datas. It is part of information and communication technology. It is a computer network. The information collected from  television, telephone.

Software, hardware, internet , computer are related to information technology.

Information Technology  is convert the audio to visual, which is capture, store, retrieves, manipulate, transmit and receive the datas.

Information technology consist of two major sources.  one is Business Process Outsourcing  and another one is IT Services.

Microelectronic based on combination of computing and telecommunication is treat as a information is managed with it’s need and priorities

Information technology management serves as budgeting, change management, provide staffs, controlling and organization that are unique aspects.

IT library is a combination of software, hardware, internet, computer, data and all facilities to use design, develop, test, monitor, control , support and services.

IT is a day by day task perfomed by an employee and finish their daily task and improve the technology.





Buy & Sell


Classifieds incover all over india, it is one of the buying/ selling technique. It provide price, Specification of any items such as Home appliances, kitchenwares, electronic appliances, Mobile Gadgets, Automobiles, etc.


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