India is a country in south Asia. It is 7th largest country  by area and most populous democracy in the world. It is bounded by the Indian ocean on the south side, the Arabian sea on the southwest and the bay of Bengal on southeast.


1Tamil Nadu

2 Kerala

3 Telangana

4 Karnataka

5 Goa

6 Punjab

7 Jammu  &  Kashmir

8 WestBengal

9 HimachalPradesh

10 Manipur

11 Rajasthan

12 Madhyapradesh

13 Maharastra

14 Gujarath

15 Bihar

16 Assam

17 Andrapradesh

18 Arunachalpradesh

19 Jharkhand

20 Sikkim

21 Chhattisgarh

22 Nagaland

23 Mizoram

24 Meghalaya

25 Uttarkhand


27 Uttar Pradesh

28 Odisha










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