How to get Google Ad sense Approval for your Blog

Every people monitor their golden time with the help of various resources from internet, The Google AdSense is the best earning money from your blog, search, etc.

Indian AdSense Publishers will get AdSense Approval for your Blog or Website.

Reason for AdSense

Site does not comply with Google Policies

Insufficient function

Site does not adhere to the Webmaster quality guideline.

  1. Google Account

I know that most of you have already Gmail Account & if you haven’t then please created a Google account needed to sign in to AdSense. All information regarding acceptance, rejection, Payment etc. in relation to AdSense will be mailed to your Gmail account by Google AdSense Team.

You should always be careful while providing your personal details at the time of creating a new Google Account. This is because if you will provide wrong information like full name, age & address etc., then your application might be rejected by AdSense team.



  1. Age Requirement

In accordance with the AdSense Terms & Conditions, applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Thus if you are not 18 years old then you will not be able to participate in Google AdSense irrespective of satisfying all other conditions.

In that case there is a  simple trick that you may provide your parents or guardian name instead of yours at the time of making application while signing up for AdSense Program.



  1. Blog or Website

If you are running your own website then it is ok otherwise you should have to create one free Blog with Blogger to monitor the contents on your Blogger or Website.


If you have more than one blog/ site then please provide the address of your best site which comply all conditions mentioned as under.


  • Website / Blog Ownership

It is compulsory to have your own site or blog so that you can access the HTML source code to place the AdSense Ad Units code which displays Ads on your site. Otherwise your AdSense account shall not be approved on final review made by AdSense team.


It is not mandatory that you must have a custom domain for your blogger.


  • Contents

You will go for a site which has not quality contents. The AdSense works by crawling the contents of each & every single webpages on your blog/ site.

I mean every Webpage contain enough tactual contents to complete the whole story & topics you are willing to spread online. This will make happy to our blog readers because they gets complete information & answer for which they have visited your site.


You may not fix the length of any post which results quality contents for Google AdSense. I personally opine that an article written within 500 to 800 words is more than enough instead of writing too short post with just 100 to 150 words.


If you want to get one short approval for AdSense program then please make sure you post at least 3 to 5 posts on weekly basis unless & until your blog/ site get approved by AdSense team.


Google has not specified any number of posts to be required for AdSense approval but if your Blog have more than 25 good quality news then your blog is ready to applying AdSense.

It is the quality & not the quantity of your blog posts which AdSense team consider at the time of reviewing your Blog for AdSense approval.


Your Webpages should have sufficient content, maximum text with complete sentences & paragraphs not only headlines. This is because if your site contains mostly images & videos then your applications will not be approved.


Your site content must be original & not copy from other website/ blog anywhere. You should not use copyright material in any manner in your blog.  If you have any copyright content, images, videos, etc. then it violate AdSense policy. Some webmasters uses image for their post either from search Engine Result Pages or other site without.


Suppose someone has post 50 posts in a day or week to get approved for AdSense & there after not posted a single post within week or a month.

Please keep updating on your blog regular basis so that your approved AdSense account will not disapprove or disable within a short span of time.



  • Age of Blog

To ensure the quality contents & keeping in mind the interest of Google Advertisers, Google AdSense has specified that the Indian & Chinese AdSense Publishers required to have owned their sites for at least 6 months. Accordingly, except India & China, there is no any minimum age obligation for either blogger blog or website to participate in Google AdSense Program.

Your website is live & not in a beta mode or under construction phase before you applies

For AdSense Program. Placing Ad code on a website which is not fully launched or only

Consist a     website template will not get final approval.


  • Language for Blog

You may write or Blog in so many languages. AdSense Program is not available for all languages including HINDI, Bengali, Gujarati, Panjabi, Telugu, Afrikaans, Irish, Latin, etc. & therefore the primary language of your Blog must be in the AdSense supported languages.


  • Traffic sources

Your Blog traffics must come from the genuine sources, In other words, if you got the visitors through search Engine, social media & subscribers then it is good for the AdSense approval.

If you have send Bulk SMS, Email with your site links or asked your friends/ relatives/ students at large to daily visit your blog without any interest then it will impact badly on your site.

If your blog is not receiving at least 25 to 30 unique visitors per day then please wait for some time to get more organic traffics on your site & then apply.

Google Analytics & Webmasters tools which help you to understand your blog content, live visitors, unique page view & traffic source in dynamic ways.


  1. Non Google Ads

You are free to use any 3rd party Ads on the same blog or webpage for which you are going to apply AdSense Program. In other words, there is no restriction to display Google Ads on your blog having Ads from infolinks, BuysellAds, Amazon, etc.


You should have make sure that your site does not contain many third party Ads, your site will looks like ad based rather contents & types of website does not qualify to AdSense Program.



  1. Apply for AdSense Program


You are ready to sign up for AdSense Program, There are two step application approval process under AdSense Program.

Google has now made signing process faster & easier with effect, you may click here to sign up for your AdSense account & get instant access to your AdSense account.

After login to your AdSense account you should create & place your first AdSense Ad unit code on your blog. If you a blogger user you may use an encode decode tool to convert ad unit before using on your blog.

This will not display Ads on your live webpage rather it shows only blank ad units until your will get fully approved AdSense account, you would have to wait for some days or weeks for the preliminary checks to verify the information provided at the time of submitting your AdSense application. After verification of your information you were able to create your first AdSense Ad Unit.

You will get response within 24 hours from specialists of Google AdSense Team regarding the final status of your application after you add the code to your site.

This process may take 1 to 2 days. The same process was completed after 5 to 7 days, you will receive an email on your registered Email ID explaining the disapproval reason & the possible next steps that you can take to get approved account.

You got fully activated AdSense account the Google ads will appears on you Blog & red bar across the top of AdSense account will disappear.

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