How to create facebook account (fb) ?

You need atleast 13 to 14 years old

One facebook account per E-mail ID

Go to

If you see the signup form, fill out your First name, Last name, E-mail ID , Create/ New Password, Confirm Password, Birthday (Month, Day, Year) (Example: july /26 /1981) , Gender like I am Female/ Male/ Others , Mobile/ Phone number, Your current E-mail Id, Prove you are not a Robo ( Below: Skip the verification (Phone verification may be required)) Type the Text , Location, I agree to the Google Terms of Services and Privacy policy, then fill out the form.

Click Sign Up.

find friends (Skip 1st step )

Profile info (enter or skip 2nd step )

Upload/ Take Photo (3rd step)

Then 100% upload your informations.

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