How To Configure your Microsoft Outlook

[1] Launch Outlook Express

[2] Click on Tools menu

[3] Click on Accounts

[4] Click on mail menu

[5] Click on Add >> New mail

[6] Enter Your Name

[7] Enter your existing email ID

[8] Enter your mail server and smtp details

Incoming Mail Server : mail.domainname or serverip

Outgoing SMTP: mail.domainname or serverip

[9] Enter your full email ID [i.e] email ID @ your domain name .com For
example :

[10] Click on finish

[11] Click on properties

[12] Click on servers

[13] In out going mail server >>> Check My server Requires Authentication

[14] Click on settings

[15] Choose Log On Using

[16] In Account Name Give Full Email ID [ Example : ] [17] Supply password

[18] Click on remember password

[19] Click OK

[20] Click on close

[21] Click on SEND/RECEIVE menu >> Choose Receive All

[22] Click on unread messages to read your mails

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