An women Keep Culture & Tradition by art

Painted more than 100 Mandan style design arts on board by using oil paints, an old woman from Rajasthan has been engaged in preserving & conserving the traditional white chalk on red background, see on the walls & floors of rural houses in Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh. The artist is to document & preserve the traditional folk art form, which is on the verge of disappearance due to rising number of concrete houses in rural areas.

The tribal paintings are drawn from the word Mandan referred to decorate, beautiful & geometric forms such as triangle, squares & circles to decorate houses.

The art is passed from mother to daughter uses chalk, red ochre. They use twig on the floors & walls to plaster with clay mixed with cow dung.

The artist globalizing the local art, her son is also convey apart from traditional design, she has drawn 40 fresh designs. Who has developed 100 Mandan designs on board & know the 600 forms of Mandan design. 4it express centuries of rural culture of rajasthan



This art shows extreme visibility & less of takers among villager concentrate houses hold the rustic art & paintings on the walls.





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